Hello there!

We could give your all the boring stuff here about how: "Springstreet was established etc...". But we know your time is valuable and our focus is on making everything easier for you, the customer. In a nutshell, we offer bespoke software development and various IT Services. you know what? This website is not for us - it is for you. Our customer. Our role here is to tell you what we do and how we can help you.

Or passion is helping business to fulfil the potential of modern technology. And we will give you the best possible service you have ever experienced.

Software Development

The word 'passion' applies here again. And we mean it. Service developed to fit your exact needs. We can crack any piece of code and perform magic with design. We work with most of the programming languages: C++, Java, Python, and similar. We can either use one of your choice or our recommendations.

Each of our customers is given personal service. You will never receive a generic message from us or a system that looks like a millions others. This doesn't mean we won't use existing code if it will work well for you. But we will tell you that upfront. We take pride in transparency and nothing makes us happier than a satisfied customer who keeps coming for more.

Infrastructural services

If your plan is to migrate from one operating system to another - we can also help. Microsoft ends Windows Server 2003 support this year and our award winning team is there to help, regardless of the size of your business. We can move you to Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012. We migrate simple systems and more complex ones - such as Oracle clusters.

We use AppZero or Microsoft Migration Tools, but where your business has special needs we can work the switch manually as well.

Hire an expert

We can also supply your team with an extra person if needed. We provide testers, programmers, infrastructure engineers or graphic designers. Or any other IT related staff required.

We will always meet - or beat - your schedule within the agreed budget. We offer continuity of service, so there's no risk of the engineer or consultant being unavailable as we will always have someone to fill in.

Consulting and advice

We guarantee our expertise and provide advise on how to introduce best methodologies and management techniques. We don't offer accreditations or certifications, but can recommend excellent companies that specialise in that area. We work remotely but if in-office assistance is required we offer that too.

To explain it in more technical terms, as a team we offer advise on PRINCE2 or ITIL. We deliver our projects Agile/Scrum, but can also work with the classic Waterfall methods. Again, whatever best suits your needs.


We have an ever increasing team. Our customers keep coming back and our employees love working with us too much to leave, so consistency is a given.

Get to know us by phone, Skype or email and let us answer any of your questions. Thanks to our location in Poland we can offer very competitive pricing, but be assured we are on the ground in your area as well.

Contact us!

info@springstreet.pl www.springstreet.pl
+48 728 512 550 Os. Mozarta 30/23,
31-232 Kraków, Poland
+48 728 512 550
Os. Mozarta 30/23,
31-232 Kraków, Poland